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Service/Dealer close to Czech rep.

am Sa 11 Okt 2014, 23:10
I'm posting in offtopic since i write in English.

Can you recommend some dealer close to Czech republic (preferably Dresden) that does good job. Unfortunately quality of service near where are live is not so top notch (also really few gen coupes in whole Czech rep.) so i would like to try dealer in Germany. I guess warranty would still apply there as well as yearly required maintenance.

So can please you recommend some that you have good experience with?

Also in CZ my (or i guess all) hyundai genesis sendan and coupes have yearly gurarantee checkups for only ~1/2 of the regular checkup price (you only pay for work done and material is free). Is it same in Germany?

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Re: Service/Dealer close to Czech rep.

am Mo 13 Okt 2014, 10:39
Hi evlo,

as there is a lack of drivers near Dresden we have no experience with the dealers there. Perhaps you could contact Kane as he is living near the Czech border near Dresden. He probably knows one or two usable dealers. He is not online that often, so I hope he can response quite quick.

The guarantee checkups in Germany are a little bit different. In 2010 and 2011 there was the possibility to buy a so called Service Package for 1.500 €. That means that the first 5 guarantee services are completely for free. The owners who do not have this package have to pay the full price.

I hope this was helpful for you.

Best wishes Moppi
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